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brightstart  is a little bit different..


..it’s a down-to-earth Human Resources and Learning Consultancy, based in West Berkshire, dedicated to maximising people potential either on an individual basis or as part of a team.   We understand that you are all very busy people and want a timely and practical solution for your needs.  Whether you are an individual starting work for the first time, returning to work after a career break, looking for a career change or wanting to update your skills; whether you are a sole trader looking to start or expand your business; or whether you are a new or established small- to medium-size enterprise looking for some dedicated Human Resources or learning support, then Brightstart UK Limited can offer a range of Services to meet your needs.  As part of its ongoing passion for people development, Brightstart UK Limited is working on a number of initiatives aimed at making lifelong learning more accessible in the local community.


Nikki Edwards, MBA, FCIPD


Nikki is a practical down-to-earth Human Resources professional, with over 18 years experience in general management and Human Resources Management.  She started her management career with Sainsbury’s, working in the ‘flagship’ stores in London/Home Counties, before moving into the Information Technology (IT) market, where she set-up and developed the Human Resources team at CompuServe in the rapid growth period of the Internet revolution.  She has also worked in the IT hardware and software solutions industries.  More recently, Nikki has worked in the Education sector, the Charitable sector and in the hospitality sector.  Nikki prides herself on being an all-rounder in terms of her Human Resources experience, although she has also specialised in employee/organisational development, employment law and compensation and benefits.  She has developed and implemented a wide-range of projects at a national, European and global level, working on a multi-cultural basis.  Nikki has worked with companies at different stages of the life cycle, from start-up, rapid growth, through to consolidation and right-sizing. 


Nikki also works on projects within local communities, on a voluntary basis, bridging the gap between school and employment, typically giving advice on entering the word of work (CV writing, interview skills, etc). 


Nikki is a supporter of work-life balance.  Understanding that most of us do need to work, it is important that we can all maximise the time available to spend on non-work interests (family life, leisure time, etc).  Hence, Nikki likes to promote local employment opportunities which enable people to achieve the best life-work balance available.  Jobs page coming soon.